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Unleashing collective wisdom through partnership

Thursday, November 04, 2021 12:54 PM | Hallie Knox (Administrator)

As process consultants, we know that failing to listen to and learn from our unique clients will ultimately cause harm, rather than help. Continue reading for one of our members’ reflections on how the practices of partnership and asking the right questions have played out in all areas of her life, and have contributed to her meaningful impact in the fields of process consulting and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI).

Last month I interviewed Deanna Singh, Founder & Chief Change Agent of Flying Elephant, an umbrella organization for four social ventures. Through their work in the spheres of DEI, healthcare, children’s literature and leadership, these four companies aim to shift power to marginalized communities. Deanna is also a founding member of the Society for Process Consulting, and hosts the Uplifting Impact podcast

Deanna’s definition of success, as imparted to her by her parents, has played out in both her professional and personal life: “You don’t just define success by how well you’re doing; you define success by how well those around you are doing.” Mutual support is a lifetime commitment and goal for Deanna, who affirms that the solutions to all the worlds’ problems already exist: they just haven’t been unleashed yet. The process consultants’ job is to ask the right questions and facilitate discussion that will help clients manifest solutions they already have at their fingertips.

This could not be truer than in the world of DEI, where continual learning is key and where, as consultants navigating in and out of organizational culture, should make no assumptions around problems or DEI proficiency levels from client to client. Deanna’s podcast began out of her since desire to share her learning in DEI with everyone she could.  

Deanna’s upcoming book, Actions Speak Louder (Penguin Random House May 2022)  offers a step-by-step guide for organizations and individuals who seek to contribute towards diversity, equity and inclusion, and need more tools to do so. 

During a time when mass resignation and the world-wide trend of individuals re-evaluating their core values and purpose, Deanna is an active example of a professional living into her mission.

Three steps to learn more:

1. Listen to the full 15-minute interview at the link below.

2. Connect with Deanna at the Uplifting Impact website, where you’ll find her podcast and more details on the How to Be an Ally Summit.

3. Check out her upcoming book, Actions Speak Louder, for a practical guide towards creating impactful, lasting change!

Listen to my conversation with Deanna here. 

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